August 1, 2016

New England Trip Begins


Tomorrow I start off on my sites for the month of August. My dad and I met in Boston, MA and had a couple days to see the city, but now it is time to get to work. We drive all day tomorrow and are getting three sites along the way. We will start at Wakefield, MA a little north of Boston. We will then head to Connecticut (cut into Rhode Island quick, just for the fun of it!) and get Manchester and Newington. Then, on Wednesday, we are heading to Newtown (Sandy Hook) to give it its own full day, as I know it is a very important site. I’ve also been in contact with some organizations related to the tragedy, so I am going to try to meet some people that are involved with that. Hopefully they can meet up!

It will be nice to see the New England landscapes and such, as I never have. Based on these couple days in Boston and Salem, it should all be very beautiful. Wish us luck with driving and with gaining access to the sites! Hopefully everything goes smoothly!

Also, I just found out about a week ago that I will be speaking about this project at the Midwest SPE conference in St. Louis! And, I just found out today that two of the images from the project were selected to be in the SPE Juried show at the same conference! Very thankful to the SPE people and to everyone who has and is helping me with my endeavors! This project is already making the rounds in its infancy and I really hope that, if it becomes big enough, it can really make a difference to America and our laws towards gun violence. Cross your fingers!


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