July 7, 2016

‘On This Day’ Introduction



I’m still out of the country, but within my time away, there have been three mass-shootings. So, I feel it is time to introduce my senior project for my BFA. I am going to the sites of mass-shootings, which I narrowed down with strict criteria, and photographing them as they stand today. Even with my strict criteria, there are over 70 sites that I need to go to. This is very saddening to me and I believe my project can help change the way people view these events.

Honestly, can you name the last mass-shooting? I bet most would say the shooting in Orlando, Florida that killed 49 and injured over 50. This is definitely a mass-shooting, but what about the police shootings in Dallas and Baton Rouge in just the past couple weeks? The media didn’t call these mass-shootings, yet they fit my criteria perfectly.

With this project, I hope to make people realize that we need a set definition of a mass-shooting. Yes, there isn’t actually an agreed-upon definition. I also hope people remember the victims that are so often forgotten, that we realize how many there actually have been, and that we actually make measures to try to prevent these shootings from happening again.

This is the beginning of my blog posts about my travels, struggles, and updates pertaining to this project. Feel free to share!

More info on the project can be found at ‘On This Day’ in my project’s folder.
Stay safe out there!


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